Intelligent Buildings  

Whether you...

  • are building a new facility and want state-of-the-art intelligent building technologies

  • need a retrofit to replace an outdated proprietary control system

  • just want to maximize your investment in your current building automation system

...Intelligent Buildings is ready to help you keep your facility safe, comfortable and efficient.

Who we are

At Intelligent Buildings we specialize in building automation, facility management and energy management systems. With an Intelligent buildings automation system, you will have complete control over HVAC, lighting, access, security and water systems.


What we do

Our systems apply technology to save tremendous amounts of money and energy. Our team of certified energy managers CEM, LEED accredited professionals and certified fume hood technicians deliver results. We have a breadth of expertise in control technologies including, BACnet, RS485.


We provide solutions.

Ask our customers, you will find examples of project savings and energy reduction. Have an old HVAC system? We can retrofit old units with new controllers making once inefficient units remarkably efficient. Contact us today about the possibility of no up-front costs on your building automation system.


Why Intelligent Buildings?

Intelligent Buildings is more than your Building Automation Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider; we are dedicated to being a valued business partner.  Our focus is on understanding your needs, crafting specific solutions to meet your needs and building long-term relationships based on customer service and mutual trust. Our Company is a proud partner of Delta Controls. Delta Controls is the leading BACnet manufacturer for HVAC, Lighting, Access and Energy Dashboard and the largest independent control manufacturer in the world with presence in all continents and more than 150 offices around the world.